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Brid Smith TD speaking on the eve of the launch of Climate Emergency Bill 2017

Brid reflects on her experience of the COP23 meeting in Bonn, addressing the issue of climate change

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Report on Dáil cmmtte re Repealing the 8th amendment

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Belfast Pro Choice demo – 14.10.17. – biggest and best yet.

Brilliant youthful demo. Proud to be there.

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Brid Smith TD on Sean O Rourke, 13.10.17. clip 3

A CONTAGION OF COURAGE! That’s why young women in Holywood are speaking out now, and good luck to them.  

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Bríd on Sean O Rourke radio programme, 13.10.17. clip 4

LAND HOARDING IN A HOUSING CRISIS IS DISGUSTING…. and two leading Fine Gaelers – the Bruton boys, are land hoarders. I eventually got to make this point on the Sean O Rourke programme yesterday

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Bríd Smith TD on the Tonight Show, TV3, 11.10.17

DESCRIMINATION AGAINST PENSIONERS – MOSTLY WOMEN PENSIONERS – A DISGRACE. I was on the Tonight Show a few days ago. Its amazing how despite the government agreeing that it’s ‘bonkers’ that 23,000 pensioners loose up to €30 per week due

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Privatisation of our bus services: a national disgrace!

Privatisation of our bus services! Despite Transport Minister Shane Ross’s waffle – this is what is happening on a gradual basis. 10% of Dublin Bus routes were put out to tender. Dublin Bus came in cheaper and better than ‘Go

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My God! Tax the rich… the very idea….

On the Late Debate 5.10.17, Cormac the presenter does what you come to expect from most of the Irish media; can hardly believe his ears – the notion of it!! Tax the rich!!! Improve public services!!! People Before Profit’s alternative

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Bríd Smith TD – Water Services Bill – Oct 4 ’17.

Brid spoke in favour of the Bill presented by Joan Collins TD and was proud to do so. In her speech she rails against the reception given to the Bill by the establishment parties and attacks their record and neo-liberal

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Brid Smith TD on Pat Kenny TV prgramme 4.10.17: Clip 4

This is the fourth of a series of 4 clips from the programme that also included on the panel Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty, and Brendan Burgess – right-wing accountant. The theme was ‘Are social welfare payments too high’?

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