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Brid Smith TD in Dail on housing crisis and failed government policies

WHAT SORT OF SOCIETY ARE WE LIVING IN? The robber bankers walk free, two hundred thousand empty properties while homeless children sleep in the park. Meantime our government and the media focus on the beauty contest between two failed ministers.

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I questioned Minister Naughton on the policies that our government pursues that make matters worse, rather than better, in relation to emissions that cause global warming. I asked about transport policies and cows, in particular. The video here shortens some

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“I was glad to speak about to the Rural Equality Bill 2017, in the Dáil this evening. Just like us Dubs, communities of ordinary people in rural in Ireland have been hammered by government policies of neoliberalism. In other words,

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Bríd Smith TD on National Maternity Hospital scandal

ONLY LAST MONTH VINCENT’S HOSPITAL DENIED A WOMAN STERILISATION ….. and yet Minister Simon Harris wants to let the same nuns run the new National Maternity Hospital. I questioned him on this in the Dáil today – he says lots

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Brid demands action on rogue counselling services

Brid raised the issue of ROGUE CRISIS PREGNANCY in the Dáil today. These agencies which give misinformation about abortion, and tell frightening lies to vulnerable women have been operating in Ireland for more than 20 years without any regulation. The

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Brid calls out Varadkar the snob in Bus Eireann dispute

VARADKAR THE SNOB – NO UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE. Brid made the point today in the Dáil that BUS EIREANN strikers face hardship, as do people depending on public transport, and hardship is nothing that Varadakar and his

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Brid Smith speaks in the Dáil on liberalising divorce legistlation

SEPARATE CHURCH AND STATE. Brid says: “I was happy to speak about divorce and the liberalisation of Irish society, limited as it is, in the Dáil today. But ending unhappy relationships is one thing. Condemning women who suffer in violent

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Brid Smith links economic interests with the continued incarceration of Ibrahim Halawa in the Dáil

IBRAHIM’S CONDITION WORSENS – SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT Ibrahim Halawa, a 20 year-old Irish citzen imprisoned by the Egyptian dictatorship for almost 4 years, is on hunger strike and gravely ill. He was imprisioned because he was caught up in

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Brid speaks on maternity benefits in the Dail

A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE MEANS JUST THAT – A CHOICE TO BE A MOTHER OR NOT. Brid welcomed the motion on the extension of maternity leave and maternity benefit. Being Pro-Choice means we are for all the rights a woman

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PBP TDs defend Bus Eireann strikers in the Dail

  PBP TDs Brid Smith, Richard Boyd Barrett, and Gino Kenny speaking in defence of Bus Eireann strikers in the Dail, April 4, 2017

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