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Bríd Smith TD and CPP on Joint Committee for Repeal 8th amendment 15.11.17

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF EUROS OF PUBLIC MONEY IS GOING TO ANTI CHOICE ORGANISATIONS. I sit on the Joint committee on Repeal of 8th. Yesterday reps from the Crisis Pregnancy Programme (CPP), a state agency funded through the HSE, attended

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Bríd Smith TD introduces Climate Emergency Measures Bill 2017

This Bill is designed to prevent the further issue of licenses for oil & gas exploration. Fossil fuels are the major contributors to global warming. LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND has to be the approach to prevent further catastrophic damage

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Brid Smith TD speaks in the Dail 9.11.17 regarding National Mitigation Plan on Climate Action

I AM ASHAMED of the record we have on climate change and mortified that I will be representing Ireland at European level in Bonn this weekend on this issue. We have failed shamefully, even in our limited committments to honor

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Brid Smith TD on Dáil cmte re Repeal 8th amendment. 8.11.17 (stats)

I’m on the Dáil committee to consider the findings of the Citizen’s Assembley regarding REPEAL 8TH AMENDMENT. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to ask questions about the statistics available internationally and as far as possible, nationally, which was very helpful.

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Brid Smith TD speaks on railworkers strike Dáil 8.11.17

RAIL WORKERS NEED A PAY RISE. I made this point to Minister Ross yesterday in the Dáil, on foot of his claim that ‘the country can’t afford it’. The Ministers are getting a pay rise on top of their 6

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A toxic relationship between Ryanair and the Irish Aviation Authority?

RYANAIR – A DANGER TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC? A potentially toxic relationship exists between the Irish Aviation Authority and Ryanair. The IAA is the ONLY regulator in Europe that’s funded by the airlines it regulates – it made a profit

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Bríd speaks on pensions inequality in the Dáil 18.10.17

JOAN BURTON PULLED THE TRIGGER, BUT FIANNA FAIL LOADED THE GUN. The target was pensioners, women pensioners in particular. And now FF have the brass neck to pretend they care about the fact that thousands of mostly women, recently retired

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Bríd challenges Minister for Defence on pay and conditions

In the Dáil today, Brid asked the Minister about pay for Defence Forces men and women, and how he expects to hold onto staff when wages are so low that many army and navy families are dependent on Family Income Supplement

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Bríd on Sean O Rourke radio programme, 13.10.17. clip 4

LAND HOARDING IN A HOUSING CRISIS IS DISGUSTING…. and two leading Fine Gaelers – the Bruton boys, are land hoarders. I eventually got to make this point on the Sean O Rourke programme yesterday

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Privatisation of our bus services: a national disgrace!

Privatisation of our bus services! Despite Transport Minister Shane Ross’s waffle – this is what is happening on a gradual basis. 10% of Dublin Bus routes were put out to tender. Dublin Bus came in cheaper and better than ‘Go

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