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Brid Smith TD in Dáil debate regarding referendum on Repeal 9.3.18

The Dáil began its debate about the referendum on repeal of the eighth amendment to the consitution. Bríd’s powerful speech included tragic stories from the 80’s and her time in an abortion clinic. She makes a very strong appeal to

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Brid Smith TD: A plea on International Women’s Day for Magdalene survivors

Forgive my breathlessness on this clip – I had been questioning issues related to Jobpath in the committee rooms – some way away from the Dáil chamber when my turn came to speak – so I ran because this is

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Brid wins appeal for added Dail sitting to get early referendum plans over the line

Today in the Dail Brid made an appeal that they would sit on Friday in order to make sure the procedure to ensure a May referendum on the Eigth amendment would not be delayed. Leo agreed.

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Bríd demands Taoiseach guarantees extra fuel allowance for vulnerable people

NO MORE MR NICE GUY! Leo’s mask slipped today when pressed over the issue of helping the vulnerable to avoid freezing! I asked him to guarantee fuel for those most in need, in the face of the big freeze –

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Bríd defends worker’s pensions rights in Dáil Éireann

HOW DARE THEY! The reckless treatment of worker’s pensions schemes means that those like Irish Life workers like are thrown to the wolves. And yet the government sits on its hands. When the bankers needed bailing out they changed the

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Bríd questions Irish Water in Dáil committee.

I got the chance to question IRISH WATER officials last week. There were two issues I wanted information on: the fate of workers in the ‘industry’, and their approach to fixing leaks. Most of us don’t trust Irish Water and

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Bríd welcomes report on lone parents but demands action.

    Today in the Dáil I welcomed a new report on the position of lone parents in Ireland and referenced @S.P.A.R.K- Single Parents Acting for the Rights of our Kids. SPARK and others also welcome the report, but the

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Bríd Smith TD: “Government Bill fails precarious workers”

On the face of it, you’d think that a Bill addressing the issue of zero hours contracts would be a good thing but this Bill falls very short of the mark. I hope this video of my Dáil speech on

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Climate Emergency Bill proposed by Bríd Smith, passes to committe stage

We are delighted that Bríd Smith’s Climate Emergency Bill passed through to the committee stage in the Dáil. The Bill calls for a ban on the issuing of new fossil fuel exploration licences and would declare a climate emergency. We

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Bríd Smith welcomes latest opinion poll on abortion and calls for repeal

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit 26/01/2018 Bríd Smith welcomes latest opinion poll on abortion and calls for repeal Bríd Smith, the People Before Profit TD for Dublin South Central, has welcomed the latest Irish Times/MRBI poll which indicates

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