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Brid Smith TD in Dail on pensions issue

I’ve just finished speaking in Dail to the new Social Protection Minister. I spoke mostly on the pensions issue, and also about how unfair, and unproductive it is, to ignore tax cheats in the corporate sector, while hounding the poor.

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Bríd speaks in Dáil on housing and rent controls

Cluid have raised people’s rents with little control or regulation from the Govt. We need to be able to control what agency’s do when using public money and of course we need a lot more public housing in the first

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Bríd on bin charges – issues raised in Dáil

Bin price hikes raised in Dail; The new panda contract shows whats happening; price hikes and fines

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Brid Smith TD: demanding justice for women pensioners. Dáil July 5.17

I raised the issue of pension equality today in the Dáil. If the issue is not adequately and speedily addressed, there are many, many women in this country who are prepared to take to the streets and the government knows

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Brid Smith speaking in the Dail, July 5, on bin charges.

BIN CHARGES: ‘DIG DEEPER IN YOUR POCKET’…THE CHEEK OF THEM! I spoke in the Dail last night and reminded the Minister of the rotten history of these charges…privatisation, loss of waivers, increasing costs and illegal dumping, and crucially – the

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Bríd on Dáil Jobs committee

WE HAVE MORE DOG WARDENS THAN LABOUR INSPECTORS. I’m on the Dail committee that deals with jobs. I spoke today on the underlying reasons for the abuse of foreign workers, especially those outside the EU. Government’s policies make them appear

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Brid Smith TD in the Dail 29.6.17 on Clery’s and industrial relations laws

JOBSTOWN DEFENDANTS and CLERY’S BOSSES. What have they got in common? Very little – a point I made today in the Dáil. Jobstown defendents could have ended up with a Life sentence – the State spent millions trying to frame

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FEMPI – THE NEVER ENDING EMERGENCY:Brid Smith TD in the Dail 29.6.17

Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest  OR FEMPI is now the longest lasting piece of emergency legislation in the history of the State – despite the ‘recovery’. And the government wants to make it permanent. FEMPI ensures discrimination against

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Brid Smith TD speaking in the Dáil on the appointment of judges

There’s a Bill before the Dáil about changing the way judges are appointed, which is by each other, and by the establishment political parties (though they like to pretend otherwise). We want a role for lay people in the process

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This was my second time to address the proposed Bill by Heather Humphries FG, which would extend the time for burning off heather and gorse in the countryside. It carries enormous risk to our natural heritage, our tourist potential and

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