Brid Smith TD on FEMPI in Dáil 29.11.17

Public sector pay took a terrible hit during the resession years. So now that we are supposed to be in recovery – where is the pay restoration? This was my contribution to today’s debate


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One comment on “Brid Smith TD on FEMPI in Dáil 29.11.17
  1. Osal Kelly says:

    Dear Deputy,

    I am a public servant and would like to thank you for your longstanding work calling for the immediate repeal of FEMPI.

    I note that in the Dáil on 1st June 2016 you made reference to a motion of yours calling for the repeal of FEMPI but I had difficulty locating this motion on the Dáil records — would you be able to advise if this motion got to be voted on? If not, were there any similar motions you might be able to direct me to?

    I am interested to see the voting records of TDs on FEMPI but the annual FEMPI renewal doesn’t have to be voted on as I understand it.

    Many thanks,

    Osal Kelly

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