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Dáil suspended as Brid Smith TD demands justice for Ibrahim Halawa

WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN THEY WONT LISTEN? Ibrahim Halawa’s trial was postponed yesterday for the 20th time, despite his being desperately ill. Ibrahim is an Irish citzen wrongly imprisoned by the Egyptian dictatorship for nearly 4 years, and is

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Brid Smith TD calls for transparency in company accounts in the Dáil

TRANSPARENCY? NOT WHEN IT COMES TO COMPANY PROFITS! Most companies making money off the bins, are registered in places like the Isle of Man, Virgin Islands even New Zealand. This means they can hide their profits and ‘wipe our eye’

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Bríd Smith TD speaks in the Dáil on mother and baby homes scandal: separate Church and State

IT’S NOT WHAT WE SAY – IT’S WHAT WE DO THAT COUNTS. There were many fine speeches in the Dáil this evening in response to the SF motion on mother and babies homes. But talk is cheap – we need

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Brid Smith TD takes a stand against Direct Provision, 21 March Dail Eireann

Outside the Dail Brid took a stand against the inhumane system of Direct Provision for refugees and assylum seekers today. The ‘Direct Provision’ centres make money for those that run them and ruin the lives of those that live in

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Bríd on Vincent Browne – Enda coming or going? Enough already – says Bríd

  Bríd was on Vincent Brown last night. More banging on about Enda Kenny’s leadership – is he coming or going? Some  on the panel tried to refer to what matters – the fact that this (and previous Fianna Fáil-led) governments

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HOW THE DÁIL VOTED ON MY ‘€1 vs 14 years in Prison’ BILL

The table from the Oireachtas website shows clearly the way each TD voted in respect of my Bill to get rid of the 14 year prison sentence for abortion. The table shows the following: – those who voted TÁ are

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Bríd on THE WEEK IN POLITICS, selected clips.

Bríd takes on Minister Simon Harris regarding the Tuam babies case and what the State must do. She also discusses International women’s day, State corruption and Kenny’s visit to Trump. March 12 2017.  

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Bríd addresses Women’s Day march out Dáil Eireann

After a great day of protest and celebration, the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth march, from Parnell Sqare, arrived at Dáil Éireann. Bríd addressed the crowd of thousands

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Brid Smith on Radio 1, Morning Ireland programme.

Brid on the RTE radio programme Morning Ireland, on March 8, speaking about the Bill to reduce the sentence for abortion from 14 years to €1fine; she also speaks about the Tuam babies case.  

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Bríd on Vincent Brown Programme: the Tuam babies scandal.

DISBAND BON SECOUR – RECIND THE WOODS DEAL. These are demands People Before Profit make about the Tuam babies scandal. They discussed Kenny’s speech about Tuam on Vincent Brown Tues, March 7. Kenny, like the FG and FF TD s

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