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Bríd Smith TD on the Tonight Show 10.9.19

Some of Brid’s contributions here include her comments on Phil Hogan, Brexhit, FF/FG similarities, women and the North.

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Brid Smith TD on The Tonight Show, 25.7.19.

Last show of the season. Brief clips here of Brid’s contributions on Brexit, Just Transition from fossil fuels and what it means for workers; the political hope that lies with our youth, and discussion of the majot political issues for

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Bríd Smith TD on Primetime programme, 18.7.19

clips of Brid’s comments on the need to KEEP IT IN THE GROUND, and the fossil fuel industry’s aplogists (like Senator Tim Lombard, FG) who have tried to bury the Climate Emergency Bill.

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Bríd Smith TD calls Varadkar a ‘liar’ in the Dáil

In a blistering attack on the Taoiseach over his loyalty to the fossil fuel industry lobbyists, Bríd calls him out as a liar. Leo denies being lobbied – it was just ‘a cup of coffee’ with his fossil fuel mates

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Bríd Smith TD protests against blocking the Climate Emergency Bill

July 9th, outside Dáil, protestors decry inaction on, or scuppering of, a series of Bills that don’t sit well with Leo’s corporate pals.

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Bríd Smith TD: call out to protest blocking the Climate Emergency Bill

A video calling on supporters to protest the governments attempts to scupper the Climate Emergency Bill

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Bríd on The Tonight show 26.6.19

Topics discussed were the recent health workers strike, defence forces pay, the public procurement process and the role of the Gardai and GSOC

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Bríd Smith TD slams Climate Emergency Plan in the Dáil, 20.6.19

“It’s the rich gets the gravy, it’s the poor that gets the blame”. So says the old song. It could have been written about the government’s Climate Action Plan. They blame us for pollution and prepare the way for the

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Bríd Smith TD challenges Minister on Climate Action Plan 20.6.19

Bríd, on the Climate Committe of the Dáil, tore into the governments new plan to deal with climate emergency measures, citing the IPCC report and how far short the government’s response fell, of the radical measures called for, by the

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Bríd discusses midwifery services in Dáil, 19.6.19

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