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War & Conflict Policy

People Before Profit War & Conflict Policy People Before Profit is an anti-imperialist party. Imperialism is a world economic and political structure – not just a series of individual acts of colonisation. Economically its main feature is the domination of

Environmental Policy

People Before Profit Environmental Policy In light of the overwhelming scientific evidence for human induced climate change, People Before Profit advocates a radical series of measures to dramatically reduce Ireland’s Co2 emissions. These will include a public transport revolution to

Childcare Policy

People Before Profit Childcare Policy SUMMARY Childcare should be provided as a universal right. It should be funded through a universally applied progressive taxation system. In the immediate term, parents should receive a state subsidy for childcare so they only

LGBT Policy

People Before Profit LGBT Policy SUMMARY People Before Profit campaigns for full equality for LBGT people. We want: An end to the ban on gay or bisexual men donating blood. The abolition of section 37.1 of the Employment Equality Act

Racism and Immigration Policy

People Before Profit Racism and Immigration Policy SUMMARY People Before Profit declares itself completely opposed to racism in all its forms, including Islamophobia, anti-semitism, and anti-Traveller racism. In opposition to racism we regard the ordinary people of every nation, ethnic

Natural Resources Policy

People Before Profit Natural Resources Policy SUMMARY Take all oil and gas resources into public ownership. People Before Profit will nullify all existing agreements with oil companies and place a moratorium on all licensing rounds until the new model of

Healthcare Policy

People Before Profit Healthcare Policy SUMMARY For a National Health Service that treats people according to medical need and not the size of their wallet — For better Health by Effective Funding and Access to Healthcare For Reducing Health and

Disability Rights

In the nineteenth century, Karl Marx wrote: “Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given and transmitted

Policy on Abortion

People Before Profit Policy on Abortion SUMMARY People Before Profit: supports the repeal of the 8th amendment to the Constitution. supports a woman’s right to make her own decisions regarding reproduction, including the right to free, safe, and legal abortion

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Education Policy

People Before Profit Education Policy SUMMARY Education should be funded and managed exclusively by the State rather than handed over to various patron bodies. Establish a maximum class sizes: Our longer term goal is a maximum number of students in


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