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2020 Election Literature

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Vote Yes

Brid placed an ad in local newspapers to encourage people in Dublin South Central, and beyond, to do the right thing on May 22nd.

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Brid Advocates For Tenants

Brid has been advocating for tenants for many years. The Irish Times today took up the issue of damp and the misery it causes. Read the article here: Almost 1,500 damp complaints to Dublin council last year

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Why Did The Irish State Appoint HSBC Executives To Key Positions? [Press Release]

People Before Profit has condemned the decision of Finance Minister Michael Noonan not to sack Michael Geoghegan from the advisory board of NAMA. In a statement, Brid Smith for People Before Profit said, ‘It is incredible that the world’s top

People Before Profit Councillor condemn arrest of Paul Murphy TD [Press Release]

Brid Smith has condemned the arrest of Paul Murphy as a travesty of justice. Brid Smith who lives in Ballyfermot claims that Joan Burton’s visit was a provocation for many residents. “Joan Burton has presided over decisions that have cut

Newsletter Winter 2014-15 — A very big thank you

Alcohol – We Have A Problem [Press Release]

People before Profit Spokesperson, Brid Smith, has claimed that the government’s proposed measures on tackling alcohol misuse are ‘grossly inadequate’. In a statement she said, ‘The most harmful drug in Ireland is not marijuana or even heroin. In terms of

Prison Policies

People Before Profit Prison Policies SUMMARY People Before Profit calls for: A fundamental change in the perception of inmates as citizens capable of rehabilitation, rather than as dangerous and irredeemable. Rehabilitation rather than retribution to become the official impulse. A

Arts Policy

People Before Profit Arts Policy Increase state funding of the Arts to the European average of 0.6% A new deal programme for artists to deliver new jobs in the public sector. A new fund to promote access to arts participation

Land & Food Use Policy

People Before Profit Land and Food Use Policy SUMMARY Greater support for smaller farmers who produce for the home market. Encourage a shift to more environmentally friendly forms of farming. Oppose the privatisation of our forests. Establish a proper healthy


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